Water Conservation…  A Way of Life !


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The Annual Xeriscape Garden Tour Saturday July 15th offers a free-admission to the public to attend popular event.  Beginning at 9:00 A.M. until 12:00 Noon, the Self-guided Tour starts in Big Bear Lake, at Eminger’s Mountain Nursery, located at 41223 Big Bear Boulevard. There at Eminger’s Garden Visitors will register and receive tour booklets, which include the locations and directions to drive to the Garden stops at homes in Big Bear Valley, as well as helpful information about Xeriscape gardening in the San Bernardino Mountains. 

The Xeriscape Garden Tour invites Garden Visitors to tour at their own pace until closing at 4:00 P.M.    



 “This drought emergency is over, but the next drought could be around the corner,” said California Governor Brown. “Conservation must remain a way of life.” While the governor did lift the emergency drought designation in April, he kept many of the conservation rules in effect.  

Lakes Tahoe and Shasta in Northern California might be full, but it only takes a walk around Big Bear Lake and Stanfield cut-off to observe that our lake and Baker Pond, are far from full. With the Valley’s water coming from ground water sources, water conservation in Big Bear is also a way of life. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden.    

The 15th Annual Big Bear Valley Xeriscape Garden Tour, sponsored by the Sierra Club Big Bear Group, is the perfect opportunity to get landscaping ideas, discover drought tolerant plants and learn how to save money on water bills; all while creating a beautiful drought-tolerant gardens.

As an added bonus, one of the homes will feature a landscape that is both low-water use and fire-wise. Valley’s unique water situation and how residents can participate in conserving water while still creating beautiful and exciting yards and gardens. 

The Xeriscape Garden Tour will once again include the Department of Water and Power’s (DWP) Xeriscape Demonstration Garden located on Fox Farm Road, in front of the Community Garden, with native plant expert Orchid Black on hand to answer questions.

New this year will be the Big Bear Homeowner Expo and a free native/drought-tolerant plant exchange adjacent to the DWP Xeriscape Demonstration Garden. In addition, there will be a variety of homeowner gardens, some landscaped by professionals and others by the homeowners. No matter the budget, Xeriscape Garden Visitors will find solutions for creating low-maintenance, drought tolerant gardens right here in Big Bear Valley.   

The Sierra Club Big Bear Group is a non-profit organization.