Bruce Aronson

An outstanding Southern California Leader in Business Communication

Services offering Classes, Coaching, and Consulting, will share his

 knowledge of computer science and the direction of virtual future.

Aronson offers PC presentations, classes, computer courses,

manuals, handouts and learning aids. Bruce Aronson, his wife Kim

and three daughters live in Huntington Beach.   





Yomar invites You!

Big Bear Computer Club WELCOMES everyone with computer interests

& prospective members are invited to attend at no charge.


Annual Membership is $25

Learning Tools, Plus monthly Newsletter.

For more Club information contact President Yomar Cleary

ycleary@hotmail.com    or  (909) 214-6990.

Visit: Big Bear Computer Club

website at: www.bigbearcc.org




REALITY?! Tuesday April 11th


The Big Bear Computer Club’s meeting will be at the Bear Valley Senior Center, Tuesday afternoon April 11th. 

Guest Speaker Bruce Aronson will present the latest information of how our future is instantly at our command… A Virtual Reality, NOW!  

“Virtual >> The future…….The word Virtual has a specific meaning in the world of computers, in plainer English, it means there but not there.  Joining that line virtually means you let a computer know you want to join; the computer puts you in the virtual line, then you go do other things such as going back to sleep, get some errands done, grab a bite to eat or go play.  At the same time, you are getting other things done, the computer keeps your place in line and advances you through the line.  All the time, the computer lets you know how many people are ahead of you in the virtual line and it forecasts how many minutes you have left until it is your turn.” comments Yomar Cleary.

The Tuesday meeting begins at 1:30 P.M. until 3:30 P.M. Big Bear Senior Center is located in Big Bear Lake at 42651 Big Bear Boulevard.