The BLUE SKY of Big Bear Lake


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Tuesday July 4th early evening, everyone in Big Bear Valley will get to experience the awesome Fly-over of heritage aircraft over-head. The Mentor Heritage Flight of four aircraft will be part of the Independence Day Celebration, that will precede the traditional Spectacular Fireworks display and seen for miles around Big Bear Lake.   

Three airplanes are Beechcraft T-34's, used as Air Force and Navy trainers during the 1950's through the mid 1970's.  Many Korean and Vietnam Veteran pilots trained in these aircraft. The fourth is a Harman Rocket, which is a high-performance experimental aircraft. 

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At approximately 7:30 P.M. these airplanes will be our atmosphere after their Fly-over in the Redlands sky. 

The Mentor Heritage Flight Pilots are: Tyler Trickey, U.S. Navy retired,  (lead aircraft),  John Reed, U.S. Air Force retired, (wingman), Branden Harrison, civilian pilot, (wingman) and John Flippen, U.S. Navy veteran (wingman).


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By E T Russell