What’s New at the ZOO?




Sugarloaf Neighbors and Big Bear Valley Friends will have an opportunity to learn the latest about the new relocation of the animals and the building construction of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo.  Big Bear Valley Recreation and Parks District General Manager Reese Troublefield, will update the audience at the Sugarloaf Property Owners Association meeting and the coming attractions for the Recreation and Parks District.  

The public is welcome to join SPOA members Saturday morning, February 25th at 10:oo A.M. in the apparatus bay of the Sugarloaf Fire Station.  The Fire Station is located at the corners of Baldwin and Maple Lanes. 


Sugarloaf Community Representative Bob Ybarra reported on the January 2017 Snow Storm, with photos ___ The storm overwhelmed everyone in the valley. Too much snow fell in a short period of time and not enough choices of places to stack the volume of the white-stuff.


LEFT: January 26 Snow in Sugarloaf.  RIGHT: 5:00 P.M. a week later

Ken Willis' crew nice job cleaning up the streets in Sugarloaf for several days.



 I have adopted the fire hydrant at the corner of Eucalyptus and Imperial Avenue.  The snow-plowers buried fire hydrants.  At the Sugarloaf Road Commission meeting, I asked Reese Troublefield to pass on a request to our contracted snow-plowers, to not bury our hydrants.  They are essential in emergencies. It is very difficult to clear the frozen ice berms in front of the hydrants.  Troublefield said he would relay the request to Ken Willis Construction, our snow plow providers.