To the Big Bear Computer Club


Google Photos Training  


Tuesday afternoon March 14th bring your questions and listening ears about organizing and saving your photos to The Cloud, to the Big Bear Computer Club meeting.

Geeks on Tour, Jim and Chris Guld, will facilitate a Google Photos Uploading to the Cloud Training session. The Big Bear Computer Club meeting will be at 1:30 P.M. until 3:30 P.M. in the Big Bear Senior Center. 


Geeks, Jim and Chris’ presentation will include how a lifetime of photos collections can be effortlessly organized. Learn how to easily find your pictures by using Google Photos and save them to the The Cloud.  Uploads can be done on your Android/IPhone and accessed to The Cloud instead of saving them on the cell phone.  Picasa is now retired and will not be providing updates.   


The Club welcomes eveyone and prospective members are invited to attend at no charge.   Annual dues are only $25 for the year that includes many learning tools; and an informative monthly newsletter.  

For Big Bear Computer Club information, contact President Yomar Cleary at or (909) 214-6990.  Visit the Big Bear Computer Club’s website at: 

Big Bear Senior Center is located in Big Bear Lake at 42651 Big Bear Boulevard.