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CATS Presents The Broadway Musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” the delightful Broadway musical final weekend Performances - Friday July 7th & Saturday 8th at 7:30 P.M. and Sunday matinee July 9th at 1:30 P.M. at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center.

This version of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” won 2 Tony Awards and a Drama Desk Award for the 1998-1999 season.  It features all of the classic musical numbers including “My New Philosophy” (which made Kristin Chenowith a star) and also wonderful Charlie Brown songs from “Beethoven Day” to “The Book Report” and “Happiness”.  Featuring favorite Charles M. Schulz characters from the famous Peanuts cartoon strips, CATS will present the musical with older teen & adult performers as was originally written. 

 The principal characters are: Charlie Brown, LucyVan Pelt, Snoopy, Sally Brown, LinusVan Pelt & Schroeder.   

The musical depicts an average day in the life of Charlie Brown, made up of memorable cartoon moments ranging from Charlie Brown’s wild optimism to utter despair.  From the frustration of the baseball game, to the insecurity of Valentine’s day, to problems writing a book report, it is all depicted on stage by his human and non-human friends.  The classic score opens with Charlie Brown’s uncertain but optimistic morning (“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”), and happily ending in a hopeful starlit evening (“Happiness”).  Show stoppers include Snoopy singing “Suppertime” and Lucy’s songs (“Schroeder” & “The Doctor Is In”).  The whole Peanuts Gang is also featured in “The Book Report” , “The Baseball Game” and “Beethoven Day”.

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Karen Sargent Rachels, Produce/ Direct and Choreograph with Karen Bergmann as Associate Producer, Priscilla Anderson is Costume Designer and Sets are by Joanne McMaster.  Bob Perry is Chief of Set Construction, Randy Worden & Dan Vanoost are Lighting Designers & Joe Sellarole is Musical Arranger.  Liz Moran is Assistant to the Director, Adam McDonald is Production Coordinator, Jennifer Brasher is Audio Production Assistant and Melinda Garcia is Assistant to the Producer.  Sharon Johnson & Kathy McNamara are Costume Assistants, Pam Vincelli is Chair of Opportunity Drawings, Diana Wondergem is Chair of Concessions and Jim Lyon is Chair of Ushers.  

At the (PAC) Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center, all performances are reserved seating and prices range from $17 to $29 for Adults, $16 to $27 for Seniors and $10 to $20 for Students/Children depending on date and location of seats.  There is a discount for groups over 12 and for those serving in the military.  For info and tickets check CATS web site at or call the PAC Box Office at 909-866-4970   

CATS will also present the play “Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling at the CATS Warehouse Theater for six shows, August 25-September 3.   

Information on both shows can be found on CATS web site:


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