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Response to LOST SKIER’s

Overnight Cell Phone Call for HELP  



San Bernardino County - Twin Peaks Sheriff Deputies responded to a report of a Snow Valley Ski Resort a lost skier, Thursday, March 21, 2019.   


At approximately 4:41 p.m. the Sheriff's Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from Dustin Wagenbach stating that he was lost and his feet were wet. The Dispatch Officer was able to get the GPS coordinates from Dustin's9-1-1 call and determined that his location was in the area of Bear Valley Canyon, east of the Snow Valley Ski Resort. 


Due to poor weather conditions, the San Bernardino County Sheriff –Air Aviation Rescue was unable to respond to the scene and assist with the search.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff Search & Rescue Team was deployed to assist in the search. Later Thursday night, rescuers located Dustin and escorted him through multiple canyons and cliffs to safety. 


The lost skier, Wagenbach was examined f0r injuries by San Bernardino County Fire Paramedics at the Snow Valley Ski Resort and was found to be in good health.


Important note: During this incident, Dustin Wagenbach had a charged cell phone and was able to communicate with Sheriff Dispatchers and Deputies. He was dressed for the cold weather and was told to stay where he was, and heeded the order. These examples are critical to a successful rescue. Given the snow, heavy fog, extreme cold temperatures and uncertain terrain, the incident would have been life threatening to someone who was not prepared.