Paul Cook Voted to END SHUT-DOWN


Jan 22, 2018

Washington  D.C. ____ U.S. Representative Paul Cook (R- Apple Valley) voted today to end the three-day Schumer Shutdown of the federal government. The legislation cleared the Senate earlier in the day and passed the House with overwhelming support this afternoon.  

Representative Cook said, “Today, I voted to end the shutdown and reopen our federal government. This Continuing Resolution not only reopens the government, but also provides long-term health care for over 9 million children, including 55,000 in California’s 8th Congressional District.    

While I’m pleased this shutdown was short-lived, this disruptive and unnecessary stunt should have never happened. The shutdown jeopardized health insurance for millions of at-risk children, threatened military readiness, and put our security as well as our economy at risk.  

I voted to keep government open on Friday (January 19th) and voted to reopen it again today (January 22nd). The deal that was passed today was available last Friday, but it took three days of holding our government hostage before Schumer and a handful of obstructionist Senators agreed to end their filibuster.”       

Congressman COOK Comments  

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Saturday January 20, 2018 (The Day after the Federal Government shut-down)


Washington D.C. ___ U.S. Representative Paul Cook (R- Apple Valley) issued the following statement on the shutdown of the Federal Government: 


Representative Cook said, “I’m deeply disappointed in Senator Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats for shutting down government!   

Utilizing a much-abused procedure known as the filibuster, any Senator can require a supermajority of 60 votes to continue legislative action on the Senate floor. Doing so allows a very small un-democratic minority of Senators to hold hostage Congress – and in the case of this bill – the entire United States government

“The Continuing Resolution that passed the House was simple:

It kept the * doors of government open,

* provided long-term health care for over 9 million children, and

* provided crucial funding for our military and national defense.  

This bill had the support of the President and the support of a majority of the Senate.

Instead of allowing an up or down vote, Schumer and a handful of Senators used a filibuster to prevent a vote and shut down the government. Make no mistake, with this action, Schumer and his allies are appeasing their radical base at the expense of the American people.” 


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