Chief Willis….. “one of the most important actions a

homeowner can take to protect their home!”


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Resumes Popular Chipping Program



Spring-time in Big Bear Valley is THE TIME to Get your CHIP Together!

Go to to register for tree and brush trimmings removal.


Big Bear Fire Department is continuing the popular chipping program early this year (began April 15, 2019) to alleviate the piles created by recent significant storm damage. Online registration is now open at:  and is offered at No Cost, to Big Bear Valley residences.   


This program is designed to reduce the threat of wildfire around homes by reducing fuel through trimming vegetation overgrowth. Fire Chief Jeff Willis stated, “It is one of the most important actions a homeowner can take to protect their home from wildfire and is an easy way to remove tree and brush trimmings from their property. Many residents have landscaped around their homes without understanding the impact that a wildfire could have on them.”


Residents are asked to be diligent through the summer months by creating and maintaining a fire-wise property. This positive action supports the overall goal of being  fire-wise mountain community. 

This grant-funded Chipping Program has been highly successful helping residents create defensible space around their structures.

Planning and preparation are key elements to ensure properties are fire-wise. Be prepared by taking steps in advance of the wildfire season. Funding for the chipping program is provided through the California Firesafe Council, the City of Big Bear Lake and your local Big Bear Fire Department.

For more information on the chipping program go to  


For creating Defensible Space, please contact the

Big Bear Fire Department or 909-866-7566



About Big Bear Fire Department: Big Bear Fire Authority was formed under a Joint Powers Agreement in 2012 combining Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District and Big Bear City Fire Department, now commonly known as Big Bear Fire Department. Since its inception, Big Bear Fire Department is committed to providing Big Bear Valley with professional fire, medical and emergency services “Protecting Lives and Property” with timely response to fire and medical emergencies.