​ Crossover Lanes Begin Friday 17th Morning 

The $120 million pavement rehabilitation project on Interstate 15 (I-15) in the Cajon Pass is quickly moving toward completion in 2016. The last phase of paving on southbound I-15 will again require the crossover lane method, which will be in place for the morning commute on Friday, July 17. The crossover configuration will begin north of State Route 138 (SR138) and continue for about five miles to south of Cleghorn Road. 

VIDEO OF CROSSOVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMWhR43FnPU

One to two lanes of southbound I-15 traffic will be temporarily relocated to northbound I-15 separating both directions of travel with a Quick Change Moveable Barrier (QCMB). The southbound crossover lanes will be shifted between one and two lanes to allow for peak travel times using the QCMB. Four

(4) lanes will always be available on the northbound I-15.

The following information is important for I-15 Cajon Pass motorists:

• If you are using the crossover lanes – there is NO access to ON & OFF ramps for SR 138 or Cleghorn Road. Motorists must stay on the mainline of southbound I-15 for access to those exits.

Trucks, buses, vehicles towing trailers, and recreational vehicles will NOT be permitted in the crossover lanes and must stay on the I-15 mainline to exit on SR 138 and Cleghorn Rd.

If your car is not in good repair – DO NOT use the crossover lanes. Have a full tank of gas before you drive the Pass.

Motorists can expect delays during the crossover period. Caltrans urges the traveling public to plan ahead, add time to your commute, alter travel times, and rideshare if possible. 

Ease up on the Gas in the Pass and be work zone alert! The speed limit is reduced to 60 miles per hour through the construction zone and will be strictly enforced.

The final crossover configuration will be in place for approximately ten (10) weeks while the new concrete pavement is placed and cured. Enhanced freeway signage and added Freeway Service Patrol will also be in effect for the crossover duration. Caltrans plans to have the crossovers removed by Thanksgiving.

Caltrans understands the inconvenience and long delays the project has caused commuters and motorists. The department thanks the traveling public for their perseverance and patience while the project continues.

There are benefits to the using the reversible lane concept to complete the paving:

saves taxpayer dollars, shortens the project schedule before and during construction, provides a longer cure time with a better quality product, longer life pavement (up to 60 years), reduces future maintenance activities and lane closures, and provides a safer work zone for motorists and highway workers.

 If you would like to receive weekly commuter alerts or check for closures, please visit the project website at www.CajonPassProject.com or call the project hotline at (844) Cajon-15 (225-6615).

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