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The 23rd Senate District

Senator Morrell represents the 23rd State Senate District that incorporates portions of Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties.  In those Counties are the following Communities of: Banning, Beaumont, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Cedar Glen, Calimesa, Cherry Valley, Crestline, Homeland, Hemet, Highland, Lake Arrowhead, Loma Linda, Menifee, Mentone, Nuevo, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Wrightwood, and Yucaipa.

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CAP & TRADE Drives up Gas $$$$

& Burdens California’s Small Businesses


We should be legislating opportunity FOR ALL and favoritism TOWARD NONE! 


Friday August 11, 2017 Senator Mike Morrell____

With the recent vote by the legislature to extend the Governor’s Cap-and-Trade proposal, there have been a number of questions about the Bill’s merits.

Here are reasons why I opposed AB 398 (E. Garcia, D-Coachella):


AB 398 will result in higher prices at the gas pump – by as much as 73 cents per gallon. This is a very real cost that families and small businesses across the state will have to bear and it comes on top of the new 19 cent per gallon gas tax the legislature passed this year with SB 1. That is why it was opposed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Assembly Bill 398 was passed in the name of fighting climate change, but this Bill did not set any new clean air requirements. It was simply a way for the Governor and the majority party leadership to create a multi-billion-dollar slush fund.  

Under the cap-and-trade scheme, it is expected that $10.5 billion will continue to go toward funding the Governor’s high-speed rail train – a project that will actually increase carbon emissions, not decrease them.

During his testimony on AB 398, the Governor contended that without cap-and-trade, “The [Air Resources Board] will regulate…in a way that is not efficient…that will be three to five times more costly,” calling the board’s potential approach an “extensive, massive, intrusive regulatory burden.”

In making this case, the Governor and Democratic leaders admit they do not have confidence in their appointed bureaucrats to the Air Resources Board to enact regulations that won’t destroy our state’s economy. 

Keep in mind that of the 14 members of the Air Resources Board, 12 are appointed by the Governor. The website for the Air Resources Board says these members serve “at the pleasure” of the Governor. If the board took action that was detrimental to our state, couldn’t the current Governor, or any future Governor, remove members and appoint replacements?


AB 398 would not be needed if the Governor simply had the courage to instruct his own appointed bureaucrats at the Air Resources Board to implement clean air standards in the least costly way possible, but that solution would not have raised billions in new gas taxes for high-speed rail and other big government programs.

AB 398 helped many multi-national corporations by taking the burden off them in meeting low-carbon standards and making individuals and families pay more in gas and fuel costs. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), which represents small business owners, opposed this legislation because of the heavy cost it will impose on small businesses and consumers. It is the duty of legislators to help all businesses – big, small, and midsize. If you only help large businesses, that is crony capitalism. We should be legislating opportunity for all and favoritism toward none.

Proponents say AB 398 is a market-based solution, but who is running the current cap-and-trade system? The Air Resources Board. Who will continue to run cap and trade? The Air Resources Board…… a government-created scheme, not a free market.

At the end of the day, my job is to protect the everyday citizens of our community and state. With the taxes this Bill imposes, there is no benefit and no services rendered to justify what is being paid out by Californians - - - -only pain at the pump.   

For further information, I encourage you to read more.


ASSEMBLY BILL 398 will increase taxes


According to a letter from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office to Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Bakersfield), the price of gas will increase by as much as 73 cents per gallon. This government-imposed cost is another tax.