Immediate Response to Vegetation Fire   


At 12:13 P.M. Saturday, June 20, 2018 - A Vegetation Wildfire was reported to be at State Route 330 Old City Creek (Fredalba).  First report of fire 1 acre, pushing uphill. 

CalFire Tacs, Air and Ground Crews responded immediately.  Additional units responding: Calcom, Running Springs Fire Dept, U.S. Forest Service. 


The CREEK Fire at 12:34 P.M. the Forest Service reports the Shooting Range Fire is approximately at 1 acre, running uphill; a 2nd alarm for more resources is enroute with  Aircraft. 


At 12:41 P.M. has increased to 3 acres, right flank is making a hard push up canyon; 4 additional crews responding. Forest Service is starting a 2nd alarm dispatch mainly due to extended ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the scene. 


At 12:53 P.M. th new CREEK Fire is burning up against the Dollar Fire (August 2016) ,that burned 50 acres. 

Per San Bernardino County Fire updates the burning area is 10 acres, with rapid rate 0f spread. Six additional aircraft are requested, as well as, additional ground resources. 

At 1:23 P.M. Big Bear Fire Department Water Tender #281 responding to request for more water tenders. 


CHP could close State Route 330 at anytime to allow firefighting apparatus to respond. Wise for motorists to avoid the area if possible; use alternate routes.


At 2:41 P.M. Running Springs Fire Department update: CREEK FIRE has spread to 50 acres with 5% containment. 


Incident Command Center beginning to release ground units. Continuing to work hot spots with Helicopters & Air Tankers. 




Editor E T Russell

Info from Big Bear Scanner

  East of State Route 330

at Old City Creek