TUESDAY March 3rd

California Primary Election Day



Big Bear Lake NewsRoom Editor E T Russell____ 

Several issues about making the right choices when we go to the polls, that are most important to Californians.  We’ve received calls, emails, social media, even personal discussions when out in the community, about getting clarity on candidates, propositions and election processes and more.  It’s been encouraging to learn that people are giving thought to our government as well as, world affairs. Some are fortunate to belong to a group that discusses political issues but many have reasons that keep them from staying updated on positions and issues. 

Even though some people have differences of opinions or be in a different political party, or just don’t seem to agree, it just may not be that ‘they are wrong…’  Have we forgotten that in the United States of America, we have the Right to think, do or say the beliefs we’ve developed, without fear of chastisement. 

I suggest you give it some thought of the ‘right to vote’ for the candidates along with important positions that they will perform. Will they be the best possible for that job? 

Take a good look at the propositions presented. Are the short paragraphs clearly defining the bold titles and match-up.  Or does there seem to be misleading titles that are not what intended proposition? 

Here are some comments that were offered to Big Bear Lake NewsRoom about Proposition 13 __  ‘Food for Thought’     

Michael Beveridge, Treasurer
Big Bear Valley Republican Assembly 

Regarding the suspiciously named Proposition 13 on Tuesday’s ballot, the spendthrifts in Sacramento know too well that whenever they want to shear us sheep again, they just have to tell us it’s needed for schools or roads. 

Between their tricks, lies, and the rampant election fraud in our otherwise great state, the Sacramento liberals usually have their way with us.  Frankly, it’s a case of “cheat me once it’s your fault; cheat me again it’s mine”. 

Come on voters, if you really think encumbering ourselves with yet another round of bonds will help our schools, wake up and smell the coffee (or learn to read beyond 141 characters)!    

Gerald Jones, President Big Bear Valley Republican Assembly    

I vote NO on Proposition 13  

Heather Obernolte

Inland Empire Regional Vice Chair California Republican Party Board of Directors 

Here’s another fraud warning!!!
“CA Republican Taxpayers Association” paid for by some other group has radio commercials on conservative radio. It promotes “Yes on Prop 13”

This is NOT affiliated with the California Republican Party! 

NO! on Prop 13! March 3 2020 … It is a $15 billion liability!


Assemblyman Jay Obernolte    

Why would anyone vote to put the already state of California into more debt? … $15 billion more? Is that a debt our children should inherit?   

Annette Karnes, Realtor

Big Bear Valley Republican Assembly Legislative Chair    

Proposition 13 authorizes a $15 Billion State Obligation Bond for the Construction and Modernization of Public Education Facilities, costing taxpayers $740 Million per year or $26 Billion over the next 35 years, almost doubling the initial debt on the backs of taxpayers.    

Proposition 13 places a tax burden upon CA taxpayers with no guarantee where the money will be spent. Since 2002, voters have already approved 4 education facility bonds that provided a total of $45 Billion in state bond funding for schools, and there's been numerous local school bond measures passed throughout the state to raise another $154 Billion. That's already $199 Billion dedicated to improving our schools - where did all that money go?? Why are our schools in such bad shape if this much money has already been invested into our school systems? If they can't manage our school systems with the money already allocated, how will $15 Billion make any difference? Another concern is that Prop 13 “Changes Local Funding Rules for Districts”.

The proposition would raise a school district's local revenue raising capacity. Districts would be allowed to issue a higher amount of general obligation bonds for elementary and high school districts, raising the assessed property value from 1.5 percent to 2 percent for elementary and high school districts. For unified school districts and community college districts the limit would be raised from 2.5 percent to 4 percent of assessed property value. This is a big red flag for taxpayers.      

To sum it up, A Yes vote on Prop 13 will increase the debt that California incurs without any justification for it, and you can expect higher property taxes in the future. VOTE NO on Proposition 13!