The San Bernardino County Fire Department would like to remind residents of the importance of developing an escape plan in the event of a fire.  This plan should not only be discussed, but also practiced on a regular basis.

  HOUSE Fire Claims A Life



Just after 11:00 P.M. a female occupant of a home in the 1800 block of Neilson Road in the town of Pinon Hills was awakened by a noise in the home. Upon investigating what caused the noise the female found that the back of the home was on fire.  The occupant immediately woke the other residents, and began to assist them out of the home.  She was able to remove an elderly female to safety, and then attempted to re-enter the home to save an elderly male in a wheelchair, but was quickly overcome by heavy smoke. 

The San Bernardino County Fire Department responded with 4 Paramedic Engines, 2 Paramedic Ambulances, 2 Water Tenders, and a Battalion Chief to the incident. 

The first SBCFD engine company arrived to find the 3000 square foot home well involved in fire.  Crews were notified by a San Bernardino Sheriff Deputy,  that an elderly male in a wheelchair was still in the home.  Crews immediately made an attempt to rescue the victim, but were unable to, due to the large volume of fire in the area where the victim was trapped.

It took 25 Fire Fighters just over an hour to contain the fire.  The crews were hampered by a lack of fire hydrants in the area, and relied on a water shuttling operation from two SBCFD Water Tenders to supply water. 

During the overhaul stage of the fire, the male victim was found deceased, as well as five dogs that also perished.  Fire Investigators from the SBCFD and the San Bernardino Sheriff  Arson & Bomb Unit are investigating the fire.  The fire started on the back porch of the residence, but the specific cause is still to be determined.   

The home had working smoke detectors that did activate, but only after the female occupant began to wake the others in the home.