Lines Up Behind 

 James Ramos




- Endorsements -


U.S Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell Ret.
U.S Congressman Pete Aguilar
U.S Congressman Jeff Denham
U.S Congressman Jerry Lewis Ret.

California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson
California State Assemblyman 33rd District,

 Jay Obernolte
California State Senator Connie Leyva
California State Senator Ret. Bill Emmerson
California State Legislator Ret. Bill Leonard

San Bernardino County Supervisor, Robert Lovingood
San Bernardino County Supervisor, Janice Rutherford
San Bernardino County Supervisor, Curt Hagman
San Bernardino County Supervisor, Josie Gonzales
San Bernardino County Supervisor Ret. Barbara Riordan
San Bernardino County Supervisor Ret. Dennis Hansberger
San Bernardino County Auditor Tax Collector, Larry Walker
San Bernardino County Assessor Recorder, Robert Dutton
San Bernardino County District Attorney, Mike Ramos
San Bernardino County Sheriff, John McMahon
San Bernardino County Sheriff Ret, Rod Hoops

Riverside County Supervisor, Marion Ashley
Riverside County Supervisor, John J. Benoit
Riverside County Supervisor, John F. Tavaglione
Riverside County Sheriff, Stan Sniff

City of Highland Mayor, Larry McCallon
City of Highland Mayor Pro-Tem, Penny Lilburn
City of Highland City Councilmember , John Timmer
City of Highland City Councilmember, Sam Racadio

City of Yucaipa Mayor, Denise Hoyt
City of Yucaipa Councilmember, Dick Riddell
City of Yucaipa Councilmember, Greg Bogh
City of Yucaipa Councilmember, Bobby Duncan
City of Yucaipa Councilmember, David Avila

City of Redlands Mayor, Paul Foster
City of Redlands Mayor Pro-Tem, Jon Harrison
City of Redlands Councilmember, Pat Gilbreath
City of Redlands Councilmember, Paul Barich
City of Redlands Councilmember, John James
City of Redlands Chief of Police, Mark Garcia

City of Big Bear Lake Mayor, David Caretto
City of Big Bear Lake, Mayor Pro-Tem, Bill Jahn
City of Big Bear Lake Councilmember, Robert Bob Jackowski
City of Big Bear Lake Councilmember, Randall Putz
City of Big Bear Lake Councilmember, Rick Herrick
City of Big Bear Fire Chief, Jeff Willis

City of Loma Linda Mayor, Rhodes Rigsby
City of Loma Linda Councilmember, Mayor Pro-Tem Phill Dupper
City of Loma Linda Councilmember, Ovidiu Popescu
City of Loma Linda Councilmember, Ron Dailey

City of Barstow Mayor, Julie Hackbarth – McIntyre
City of Barstow Councilmember, Carman Hernandez
City of Barstow Councilmember, Merrill Gracey

City of Grand Terrace Mayor, Darcy McNaboe
City of Grand Terrace Councilmember, William Bill Hussey
City of Grand Terrace Councilmember, Jackie Mitchell

City of Twenty Nine Palms Councilmember, McArthur Wright
City of Twenty Nine Palms Councilmember, Joel Klink

Town of Yucca Valley Mayor, Robert J. Leone
Town of Yucca Valley Mayor Pro-Tem, Merl Abel
Town of Yucca Valley Councilmember, Rick Denison

City of Colton Mayor, Richard DeLaRosa
City of Colton Councilmember, Summer Zamora Jorrin
City of Colton Councilmember, Frank Navarro

City of Fontana Mayor, Acquanetta Warren

Chief of Police San Bernardino City, Jarrod Burguan
San Bernardino Police Lieutenant, Rich Lawhead
San Bernardino Police Lieutenant, Timothy Crocker

Redlands School Board Member, Patty Holohan
Redlands School Board Member, Richard Haller
Redlands School Board Member, Neal Waner President
Redlands School Board Member, Ronald G. McPeck
Redlands Superintendent of Schools, Lori Rhodes

Barstow Community College Trustee, Fernando Baca
Barstow Community College Trustee, Ted Baca
Copper Mountain College President, Dick Rogers
California Narcotics Officers Association, 

4thVice President Angel Duarte
California Narcotics Officers Association Region V, 

Chairman James Hoffman
Peace Officers Research Association (PORAC)
Redlands Professional Firefighters Association
Redlands Police Officers Association
San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters
Local Cal Fire
San Bernardino County Taxpayers
Teamsters Local 1932
East Valley Taxpayers Coalition
BIA Southern California PAC
San Bernardino County Farm Bureau
Redlands Association of Safety Management
Inland Valleys Association of Realtors
Wildlands Conservancy, David Myers
Jack Brown, Business Leader

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San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor-2016,

FPPC ID#1353635 
3275 Amberhill Dr. Highland, CA 92346




  For Re-election Campaign


San Bernardino, California __Tuesday March 22, 2016

Just days ago, San Bernardino County 3rd District Supervisor James Ramos filed the legal paperwork to officially appear on the June 2016 Election Ballot for re-election. Today Ramos announced an overwhelming list of endorsements that includes community leaders, elected officials, community groups and individuals. The list includes more than 100 endorsements from in and around San Bernardino County.


“Since being elected we have really turned our County Government around and it’s moving in the right direction,” said Supervisor James Ramos.


“Unemployment is down, San Bernardino County Government is working transparently and free of corruption but our work is not finished. I will continue to work to give San Bernardino County residents a voice on the Board and will work tirelessly to provide residents a safe community with jobs and educational opportunities that they can be proud of.”


“The endorsement list is an illustration of Ramos’ popularity in the community and a testament of the how hard he works to be a voice for residents," said San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos. "He has my full support for reelection.”


James Ramos is currently serving as Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and is running for reelection to the 3rd District in the upcoming Statewide Primary Election on June 7th

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