Took a drive over to the north shore of Big Bear Lake yesterday and was reminded how different that side of the lake is. Now, I am not saying it’s better, just that it’s really beautiful and very different – kind of how you imagine Big Bear was long ago.

The East Ramp or the Carol Morrison Public Launch had lots of visitors quietly enjoying the facility and even though the lake is lower this year the launching area was business as usual with boats going in and out. The only thing I noticed regarding the level of the water was that the beach was a little bigger than normal. The good thing about the lake being lower is that there are more beaches to play on.

We left the East Ramp and drove to the Serrano Campground to see if there were many campers and were surprised to see that the campground was FULL!  So if you are planning on camping at Serrano you had better make a reservation soon. Serrano is a really pretty campground and there is only a narrow back road and some meadow between the campground and the lake – an easy walk. You can find all the information and more photos of the Serrano Campground under Things to Do /Camping/ Serrano on the Home Page of this Website.