County Roads approach 80% clearance


The San Bernardino Sheriff Department and other First Responders Sunday continued their efforts to rescue trapped

residents and transport them to shelters. For rescue information, call the County's 24-hour help line at 909-387-3911.‚Äč


As of March 5th, Sunday morning, the online interactive snow removal map created by the County Public Works Department showed that 409 miles or 79 percent of the roadways maintained by San Bernardino County had been made passable by crews working around the clock since last week from Mt. Baldy and Wrightwood to the eastern edge of the Big Bear Valley.

Please view this video documenting the County's progress.

Passable means at least one lane open with less than 8 inches of snow, which can be navigated by four-wheel drive vehicles with chains.

As of this afternoon, 100 percent of the County roads in Wrightwood County Maintained Roads are at 100% passable with properly equipped vehicles and crews are working on clearing and widening the roads.

County Public Works crews also continue to make progress servicing County-maintained roads in the Crestline and Lake Arrowhead area, where more than 60 percent of the roads are now passable

Please avoid driving and parking on newly-plowed roads. The pathways are needed for emergency vehicles and additional plowing.

While the County is closing in on 100 percent clearance of County-maintained roads, those who live on privately owned roads must need to contact a private contractor to remove snow. The County and Caltrans are prohibited from plowing private property.

For other snow guidance from DPW, visit our Snow Removal Frequently Asked Questions site.

Meanwhile, mountain residents are urged to remember that if they make to down-the-hill on either State Route 18 or State Route 330, there is a very strong chance they won’t be allowed back up. For those who find themselves stranded down the hill, there is a Red Cross shelter at Redlands East Valley High School. For assistance, call 909-387-3911.