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Safeguard Health

Residents Goal of City & The Crossings   


October 22, 2022__ Big Bear Lake, CA__ A Press Release was submitted to the press Friday afternoon.  

The City of Big Bear Lake Code Compliance Division has been diligently  working with the residents and the property owners of The Crossings, a 44-unit apartment complex on Knickerbocker Road, and recently conducted inspections in response to several personal  accounts of hazardous living conditions raised during the October 17, 2022, City Council meeting. 

“The health and safety of these residents is our main priority”, City Manager Erik Sund said.  

According to Sund, remediation efforts are underway, and residents affected by the presence of mold and moisture will be relocated immediately, with the assistance of the property owner, until remediation efforts are complete.  

“The conditions described by some of the [Crossings] residents is concerning,” said Big Bear Lake Mayor Rick Herrick. “We are thankful that the property owner has been cooperative with Code Enforcement and is already actively working to relocate the residents in need”.  

The City Code Compliance and Building & Safety Divisions are continuing their investigations and will be working closely with the residents and the property owner to ensure compliance with the City’s building code standards.  

           An update regarding the remediation and compliance efforts will be provided by 

                                 City Manager Erik Sund at a future City Council meeting.  

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