The International Amgen race event in Big Bear Lake

Biking in Big Bear Lake has become a favorite activity during the warmer months. Mountain bikers love the challenge of the mountain, street cyclists love to ride the same route as the International riders in the Amgen Tour or the Tour de Big Bear and families simply like riding to see the sights and exercise. The weather in Big Bear is perfect for bike riding and you won’t get heat stroke because in the Spring and Fall the weather is usually on the cool side and during the summer the temperature is around 80 degrees. There might be a couple of rare days when the temperature reaches 90 degrees.

Mountain Bikers can ride the trails up the mountain or they can take the Sky-chair at Snow Summit up and ride down. For mountain bikers into nature, the 2N10 road has some beautiful areas with wildflowers and ferns.

The Alpine Pedal Path is perfect for biking families looking for a slower-pace and picture-perfect scenery; the path meanders along the lake, through meadows, picnic areas and the forest. Don’t forget your helmet, windbreaker, water, snacks and water.