• The Hazardous Waste Center in Big Bear Lake will accept: Household generated motor oils, oil filters, antifreeze, auto & household batteries, pesticides, fertilizers, paint products, chemical cleaners, hobby/pool supplies. Call 1 800-Oil Cat for TV’s and computer monitors disposal and recycling
  • The Center will not accept: Business wastes, radioactive wastes, infectious wastes, explosives, reactives or asbestos. Call (909) 382-5401 or 1 800-Oil Cat.
  • Before transporting hazardous waste to collection center, be sure that..... The amount of waste transported does not exceed 15 Gallons or 125 pounds per visit in containers no bigger than 5-gallon. Make sure the containers are sound, not leaking and sealed. The waste is in its original container or is properly labeled as to its contents.
  • Reduce your waste by using safer alternatives: Cleaning: Use Non-toxic / biodegradable soaps or baking soda. Automotive: Buy re-refined motor oil. Health: Pump-type sprays instead of aerosol sprays Gardening: Pest control- remove food/water sources: Clean harborages: cover holes and drains, use mechanical traps. Painting: Use Latex or water-based paints and stains.
  • Asbestos – Azura Land Reclamation – 626 334-0719. For County Solid Waste Disposal Site: Info. call 1 800 722-8004. For special or hard-to-handle wastes call the Solid Waste Management Division office at 909 386-8701. Tire Disposal: Call 909 350-8200 or 909 383-7050.
  • Recycle Used Motor Oil & Filters: Dumping used oil (or any chemical) is a crime. Dumped oil contaminates the ground water – our drinking water. One pint of used oil can create an acre-sized oil slick on surface waters. Used oil is insoluble and can contain toxic chemicals.
  • Never dump hazardous products down the toilet, drain, on the ground or in the trash.
  • Collection Hours: Saturdays 9am to 2pm, weather permitting – non-Holiday weekends. Public Service Yard. Th


Wednesday 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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42040 Garstin Drive Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

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