wakeboarding and wakeskating are popular on Big Bear Lake

Wakeboarding in Big Bear Lake is one of the fun, popular watersport activities and there are now two cable parks which cater to beginners just learning as well as the more experienced wakeboarder. There are also other recreational businesses in Big Bear that teach wakeboarding and waterskiing.

For visitors who own with their own boat and equipment, you can launch your boat at the West Boat Ramp or more conveniently the East Boat Ramp; this is a public boat ramp just west of the Stanfield Cut-off. The East boat Ramp aka Carol Morrison Boat Ramp has shade trees, a small beach, restrooms and picnic tables where you can set up your day camp. There are calm bays around the area that are great for wakeboarding and wakeskating. Although you can wakeboard any time of the day, the early mornings are always the best.