Area around Remote Campsite -Yellow Post Site Number 25
Remote Camping in Big Bear Lake allows visitors to camp outside of regular developed campgrounds. Undeveloped Camping includes all varieties of camping and provides more solitude and an opportunity to “rough it.” Camping is allowed in designated Remote Areas and at Yellow Post Sites. This type of site is on a first come, first served basis. A paid Adventure Pass and a permit (free) is required to camp at these sites. Campers must apply in person at the Big Bear Ranger Station or The Discovery Center for a permit. They will provide you with a map and the rules and regulations for using the site. Both the Discovery Center and the Ranger Station are located on the North Shore.

Campers must take all their trash with them when they leave. Do not bury trash as animals will dig it up. The water in streams, springs and meadows may not be safe for drinking unless it is treated. Many areas lack water, so you will need to bring your own.

This Yellow Post site, #25, is in a very lush area, next to a stream and beautiful meadow filled with wildflowers and ferns.

The Discovery Center phone number is 909 866-3437

Big Bear Ranger Station & Discovery Center (909) 382-2790