Stanfield Wildlife and Waterfowl Habitat Park and Boardwalk

The Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve and the Stanfield Marsh Boardwalks area in Big Bear Lake is a beautiful place to visit. The Preserve is located on the corner of the Stanfield Cutoff and Big Bear Blvd., as you approach the corner you will see the wooden gazebo and small parking area. The gazebo has informative posters of the wildlife in the area so be sure to take a moment to look at them.

The best time of day to visit the Preserve is early morning or late afternoon when the waterfowl and fish are looking for food. The two boardwalks are built over the water and the walk is very tranquil and relaxing, especially at sunset. Visitors can take a fascinating look at the local wildlife in, under, and around the water, the ducks are especially friendly. You will see an island not far from the shore that was built as a safe haven for the waterfowl.