Concerned residents in San Bernardino County continue to report the use of dangerous and illegal fireworks in many jurisdictions. While San Bernardino County Fire officials follow up on these reports, the lack of evidence of reported violations often hinder investigations. In order to issue citations or make arrests, County Fire officials must have definitive proof of suspects engaged in illegal activity. This criminal act carries a fine of $1,250 for the first offense with the possibility of arrest.         

To aid investigations into these dangerous activities, the San Bernardino County Fire Office of the Fire Marshal has created a new tool called The Illegal Fireworks Reporter to report any use or sale of illegal fireworks in San Bernardino County.         

Residents may make an anonymous report by accessing this platform through a QR code distributed throughout San Bernardino County, as well as through links on 

With the help of concerned residents, fire investigators and law enforcement will be able to respond and conduct investigations that will increase community safety and reduce the risk of damage or serious injury in San Bernardino County communities.          

“The Office of the Fire Marshal takes the illegal use or sale of illegal fireworks very seriously,” stated Fire Marshal Mike Horton. “The Illegal Fireworks Reporter tool will allow us to partner with our residents more effectively to reduce these dangerous activities. I’m very proud of the men and women at the Office of the Fire Marshal who continue to find innovative solutions to keep our communities safe.”   

To make an anonymous report, residents may visit:           

Be sure to include the date, time, and specific location of the alleged activity.

Any photos and videos of incidents will aid in the investigation of alleged violations. Photos and videos may be included in the submission of each report.

Partnering with residents continues to be a one of the most effective tools in community risk reduction.

San Bernardino County Fire thanks each resident for doing their part to keep our county safe.