5th Anniversary 

Sweetheart  Ball



Rotarians Helen Walsh, Paula Collier and Shirley Harwick welcome guests to the Ball.  


Dinner and Dancing with your Valentine, in the Ballroom of The Lodge in the Village of  Big Bear Lake, will be a most beautiful occasion, February 14th.  Valentines Day, Wednesday evening event begins with a social hour at 5:00 P.M. and an elegant dinner to follow.  The romantic atmosphere is enhanced with Live-sounds of ‘Street Music’ for everyone to dance throughout the evening.  

The ‘Sweetheart Ball’ is an annual event that the Rotarians have enjoyed attending and supporting for years; as the donations are directed to worthy Big Bear Valley youth projects. 

ROTARY Cain 02-2017M.jpg       419A2068.jpg

                                                    ROTARY Annette Michael 02-2017 M.jpg       ROTARY C J Friehl 02-2017M.jpg


ROTARY Patti 02-2017M.jpg       ROTARY Quniton 02-2017M.jpg

Above are a few of Sweethearts who attended the 2017 Anniversary Sweetheart Ball.  Rotarians and Friends have enjoyed attending and supporting the annual events for years. 

   The ‘Sweetheart Ball’ is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake and graciously directs the proceeds to benefit worthy organizations such as Big Bear Valley youth projects. 

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Dawn Hartmeister at (800) 926-0409 or email: dawnehartmeister@gmail.com