How Military Veterans 

Can Cope with Jobs & Money 

Despite Covid-19??


I recently joined a number of my colleagues in calling for an audit of EDD. 

While California families have been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, many have had difficulty filing or receiving unemployment benefits. Even getting someone on the phone to answer questions has been a struggle for many.

Californians deserve better from their government.
I also wanted to inform you of a new program for veterans. If you are a disabled veteran who has lost a job due to COVID-19, DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has established a COVID-19 Relief Fund.  This small assistance relief program will provide up to $250 for those who qualify. Even though it is a small amount, it may help those who have experienced delays in receiving a check from EDD.  

 It’s an honor to represent you’

 Assemblyman Jay Obernolte

For more information 

on how to apply, 

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Additionally, if you need further assistance with a state agency or need help contacting EDD, please call my District Office at