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Apart in Person, Close in Spirit



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30th Annual Workers Memorial


May 8, 2020__ Last week, Caltrans preserved the tradition of honoring our Fallen Heroes in the 30th annual Workers Memorial. “Though we weren’t able to honor our Fallen Workers in person, we found a poignant way to pause and remember the sacrifices made by these individuals and their loved ones.”

In Sacramento, CA, Caltrans personnel, friends and families honored the lives of 189 highway workers who died keeping others safe, at the 30th Annual Memorial near the Caltrans Workers Memorial Bridge (formerly known as the Bryte Bend Bridge).       

The Caltrans News Flash shares, “… the private memorial held in lieu of our traditional event on the west steps of the State Capitol. The pandemic kept us apart this year, but the tribute captured the spirit and dedication of our Heroes.”   

To remember the Fallen Workers who built and maintained the State’s transportation system, Caltrans placed 189 orange traffic cones bearing the name of every worker lost since 1921, configured in a diamond shape to symbolize a highway caution sign.

A single black cone at the center of this formation signifies all workers lost on California’s highway system, including private contractors and California Highway Patrol Officers.  Please join us in remembering our fallen workers.   

We are grateful not to add any new cones this year and continue to emphasize the importance of highway safety. Please remember to: Be Work Zone Alert, Slow for the Cone Zone and Move Over when you see flashing amber lights.  

This link is produced by: HQ Audio-Visual and the courtesy of News Flash honoring those who gave their lives keeping Californians safe.  

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