Councilman BOB JACKOWSKI is an Incumbent Candidate for the City of Big Bear Lake Council Distrct #5.  

During the eight years that the Councilman has been with the Council, he has served on special committees, such as the Big Bear Lake Fire Authority; The Councilman meets with the City Council on a monthly basis, to focus on constant needs and issues that are important to the proper functioning of the City. 

Councilman Jackowski is looking forward to servicing the residents and businesses of Big Bear Lake for the next four years and continuing the important work with projects, such as the Moonridge Corridor, Rathbun Creek, as well as  the fast growth management of Big Bear Lake including, the surrounding Valley, and how to best benefit our citizens, necessary to the economy. 

Previous to serving with the City Council, Bob Jackowski was a Commissioner with the City of Big Bear Lake Planning Commission. 

 Since Bob and wife Regina became Big Bear Valley residents, the Jackowski’s have supported many agencies and events that focus on ‘caring for others’. They have taken an active role in supporting the BVCHD Hospital Foundation, Big Bear Lake Soroptimist, Doves, Big Bear Chamber, Big Bear Lake Rotary, Mountain Strings Program, Lighthouse Project, Cowboy Gatherings, and many other civic and charitable organizations.  

Robert Jackowski was honorably discharged from U.S. Army during Vietnam Conflict.   

After many years in business, working with employees and producing quality products and services, Jackowski feels there are certain personal attributes that qualify him to continue to make a contribution to the citizens of Big Bear Lake, California. 

Some of those attributes are: independent decision maker, sale motivated, good listener, excellent communication skills, hard-working, goal oriented, and a commitment to integrity.  Councilman Bob Jackowski wants to continue exhibt these attributes more in the new term as a representive of the City of Big Bear Lake Council. 



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 Tuesday November 3rd !!