Passed BIG TIME!! 


  Paul Cook Reports

Annual National Security Bill 


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Thursday May 24th in Washington D.C., Congressman Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) voted for House of Representatives Bill #5515, the Annual National Security Authorization Bill.  Bill #5515 passed the House overwhelmingly with bipartisan support.

This year’s Bill takes several vital steps to strengthen the readiness of our military and protect our national security. Included in the bill is a 2.6% pay increase for our troops, the largest in 9 years. It also makes significant reforms to the Pentagon bureaucracy and makes key investments in other critical military capabilities to confront aggression and address threats around the world, including threats from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Also included in Bill #5515 is an amendment co-sponsored by Congressman l Cook  that supports efforts to increase domestic production of our Nation’s strategic and critical minerals.

As one of our nation’s largest consumers of metals and minerals, the US Department of Defense uses as much as 750,000 tons of minerals per year. These metals are key ingredients for military technology as well as other strategic readiness components such as medical devices, energy infrastructure, and roads.


“As the world has grown more dangerous, our national security has continued to be put at risk. This bill finally gives our troops the support and resources they deserve. It provides our men and women in uniform with a much-deserved pay raise and provides critical funding to rebuild our military so that we can protect our national security both at home and abroad. It also includes an important amendment that will streamline the development of critical minerals here at home so we aren’t dependent on other nations to provide these minerals which are necessary for our national defense. I look forward to seeing it signed into law,” commented Congressman Cook.  



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