Lucy did it!

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A killer lemonade recipe! Lucy Vann Pacheco-Limon set-up a lemonade stand in her front yard and raised twenty dollars. When Lucy’s mom, Michelle Limon, asked the nine-year-old what she would like to purchase with her twenty dollars. Lucy replied that she would like to give her money to the Community Gardens.     

"I want to make sure everyone has something pretty to see. It gives people something special to do, (working in the garden) and I don't just felt good to do it," said Lucy. She also liked the idea that the Community Garden helps feed people.      

This did not surprise her mom at all, who said, “Lucy has always thought of others first. It has always been Lucy’s good-natured heart to be this way.” Michelle called Robbie Bos, the Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project founder and coordinator, to set up a meeting between Robbie and Lucy.




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Nine-year-old, Lucy Vann Pacheco-Limon gives

Gardens Co-ordinator Robbie Bos $20 for the

Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project

“Lucy is an amazing young lady! I can’t believe she decided to donate her hard-earned money to the Community Garden. I learned a lot from Lucy,” said Robbie Bos. “Lucy’s mom is right; she is a very special little girl.”      

Robbie invested Lucy’s twenty dollars into purchasing two, five-pound packages of potato seed. When harvested, the 10 pounds of potatoes planted should turn into 100 pounds of harvested potatoes.  The crop of potatoes will be distributed to places like the Big Bear Simple Supper program that feeds local people in need.    

And that is how you turn lemonade into potatoes! 


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