‚Äč  Barbi Benton & Misty Rowe 


 Hee Haw Honeys

Get ready for a night of boot stompin’, knee-slapping laughs and barrels of fun when the Bear Lake Performing Arts Center stage lights up with the Live-performance of the Hee Haw Honey Reunion, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The Hee Haw Honeys, Barbi Benton and Misty Rowe, will bring back the ‘good ole days’ of the popular, longest running Country Western Show in the history of television. There’s gotta be a knock knock joke, in there somewhere! You’ll recall Benton and Rowe, the original Hee Haw gals, popping in and out of the cornfields with their corny jokes.

The weekend production is a benefit for Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Foundation.  The primary purpose of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Foundation is to create activities and programs intended to raise charitable and grant funds from the community and beyond, to support the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District.  Our focus is to assist in providing funding for additional state of the art facilities, equipment, and health related programs.

With funds from various fundraiser events plus generous contributors, BVCHD Foundation Board has provided the funds to purchase various hospital facilities, equipment and health-care necessities, throughout the years.  The past two years the Foundation helped with remodeling and furnishing of hospital rooms. Recently, the BVCHD Foundation Board provided the funds to purchase a special-built gurney for transporting an extra large patient.

Hee Haw Honey Reunion was first performed in New York City in 2014, and has been expanded to include other stage artists for the Big Bear Valley audiences.  Barbi Benton and Misty Rowe, winners of TV Lands Entertainer Award, will reunite for the weekend events of historical, hysterical comedy and renown musical renditions. 

Joining the Hee Haw pair for the celebration will be Nashville's dancing fiddler, Amberly Rosen, recently seen on the David Letterman Show. Also, local favorite soloist Amber Carpenter, the star of Fandance on both coasts is back in the valley, after a 4-year international tour with the Young Americans.

Barbi Benton and Misty Rowe have been friends and co-actors since meeting in Nashville, Tennessee  and telling jokes in the Hee Haw Kornfield. Benton left HeeHaw after six years of appearing on the set.  She moved on to pursue an international singing sensation garnering Gold Records in four countries.

Misty Rowe, an original Hee Haw Honey for 19 years, became the first actress ever to portray Marilyn Monroe in a film and was seen as Wendy the carhop on Happy Days when Ron Howard first became a director.

Rowe and husband Barry Singer have lived in Big Bear Valley for ten years and together have continued a career in entertainment industry.  Southern California audiences, including the Valley’s Channel 6 television audience have enjoyed Misty Rowe’s appearances with Looney Tunes Noel Blanc. 

New York Critic David Roberts review stated: "Remarkable! There will be country, folk, rock and pop songs along with solo fiddle and piano and short comedy sketches akin to those on the weekly variety show Hee Haw.  Misty Rowe is a gifted performer who showcases her amazing band of multi-instrumentalists."  Bloomberg Radio Network stated:" The Hee Haw Honeys whip us into an adoring frenzy!"  While Rolling Stone Magazine declared that Hee Haw made Barbi Benton a household name and that the Hee Haw series definitely left its mark on Pop Culture."

A Hee Haw Honey Reunion is produced by Barry Singer and Julie Grandi, written & directed by Misty Rowe, and costumes designed by Faye Sloan, the original costume designer for Hee Haw and Hee Haw Honeys.  Ms. Sloan also worked for Universal Studios and designed for movies that starred Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers and is famous for creating Minnie Pearl’s dress.

Nashville Music Director, Bobby Hamilton, who started his career at age five  playing for Ronald Reagan's Campaign then went on to work with Johnny Cash, Roger Miller and the Smothers Brothers, will take the reins to drive the beat of a Hee Haw Honey ReunionHee Haw's Miss Honeydew, Victoria Hallman, who was the only female singer in Buck Owens’ band, The Buckaroos, will also join in the fun!

See http://www.bigbearlake.net/events for The Hee Haw Honeys Reunion. -

The Saturday September 26th and Sunday September 27th performances will be at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at www.citybigbearlake.com or call 909-866-4970.