State 33rd District Assemblyman

Jay Obernolte

It is an honor to represent you.


Transparency +



May 8, 2020__ Sacramento, California__ In my time in the Legislature I have continuously fought for more transparency and accountability for tax and bond measures that are placed on the ballot for voter approval. When my bill AB 195 was signed into law several years ago, tax and bond proposals on ballots became required to clearly state that they would raise taxes and provide an estimate of the amount and duration that taxes would go up.

Every year since then I’ve had to fight attempts to overturn that law. Last year a Senator tried to repeal my measure, but fortunately the Governor agreed that it would reduce voter transparency and vetoed his bill.

Now, in light of a controversial 2019 CA Supreme Court decision that rendered most taxpayers unable to stop conflict of interest in bonds, I have introduced another Bill, Assembly Bill 2155, that allows any taxpayer to challenge the validity of these bonds, ensuring that our government is accountable to all Californians.   

See article, a great summary of the issue.