40-King 6 Aviation Crew

Conducted a Hoist rescue on

Clark Mountain in Mountain Pass 



Thursday, December 31, 2020, at 2:03 P.M., the San Bernardino County Sheriff Desert Dispatch Center received information from CHP, of a stranded hiker in the area of Clark Mountain. SBC Sheriff Aviation 40-King#6 was dispatched and contacted 27 year-old Christopher Halsch by phone to get his exact location via GPS coordinates.

The Aviation Crew then responded to the area and located Halsch on a steep slope of the mountain at about the 7000' level. Halsch could not hike any further due to the terrain, he wasn’t dressed for cold weather as the weather was worsening.

Hiker Chris Halsch stated that he was not experiencing any injuries but did have a charged cell phone and some water. Due to the questionable circumstances, it was determined that a hoist rescue was required. SBC Sheriff Aviation Pilot Deputy Kowalski flew directly to Halsch's location and conducted a hover while Flight Officer Corey Lawrence lowered San Bernardino County Fire Captain Spencer Brumbaugh via the hoist to Halsch.  

Brumbaugh placed Halsch in a rescue harness and he was hoisted into the helicopter. Halsch was dropped-off at a safe location off the mountain. 40-King#6 returned to pick up Brumbaugh off the mountain side. The helicopter crew then picked up Halsch and flew to a location off the I-15 freeway to be released to US Forest Park Rangers, who were enroute to take him to his vehicle. 

The crew consisted of SBC Sheriff Aviation 40-King#6 Pilot Deputy Paul Kowalski, 40-King#6 Flight Officer Corey Lawrence and San Bernardino County Fire Captain Spencer Brumbaugh. 

San Bernardino County Sheriff Aviation Unit

 JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department