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As Santa Ana winds and the possibility of wildfires loom on the horizon, your local San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCoFD) has implemented some important programs to keep this county safe.

To promote Wildfire Readiness within San Bernardino County, SBCoFD has implemented the Red Flag Community Notification program. When conditions for extreme fire danger arise and the National Weather Service posts a Fire Weather Watch or a Red Flag Warning, residents will see a red flag flown below the American Flag at all SBCoFD stations within the affected area. Residents will then know to prepare by focusing on preparation and prevention in and around their homes. 


“The Red Flag Warning program is designed to enhance public safety by providing a visual reminder that extreme fire conditions are predicted or present,” stated Fire Chief Don Trapp. “This program is another tool in reaching out to communities during Red Flag Warnings and asking them to take extra precautions.”


Deputy Chief Kathleen Opliger reiterated that SBCoFD is poised and prepared to defend life and property within the county. She states, “San Bernardino County Fire has an arsenal of resources readily available. These include our specialized firefighting workforce, gel task force, dozers, hand crews, and a partnership with the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department for water dropping helicopters.”

SBCoFD continuously monitors all factors that contribute to the potential for large and damaging wildfires and staff our resources accordingly.


Along with the Red Flag Warning program, SBCoFD also encourages everyone to become familiar with and implement your own Ready! Set! Go! plan.

“This program is about helping residents understand how their home’s location, surrounding vegetation, construction elements, and other factors place them at risk during a wildfire,” Fire Marshal Mike Horton stated.

Defensible space, Disaster Plans, and Evacuation Preparedness all make up the Ready! Set! Go! program to help citizens protect themselves and their family.


“See Something, Say Something!” SBCoFD asks that you be our eyes and ears, our lookouts. If you see smoke or someone doing something that potentially can start a fire, call 9-1-1 and report it immediately.

One spark is all it takes to start a devastating wildfire, especially during a Red Flag warning.

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