‚Äč Increased Fire Weather Returns

Target shooting to be temporarily prohibited



January 13, 2021

San Bernardino, CA __

Prescribed burning activities were temporarily suspended starting Wednesday due worsening weather conditions, including multiple incoming Santa Ana wind events, San Bernardino National Forest officials have announced. The wind events, rated as moderate, are forecasted to begin Thursday January 14, 2021 and last throughout next week.

The U.S. Forest Service Santa Ana Wind Threat Index defines a moderate wind event as one where, upon ignition, fires will grow rapidly and will be difficult to control

"Prescribed burning is an important activity for the long-term health and wellness of the Forest," said Fire Chief Jaime Gamboa, "but when a heightened fire danger returns, we need to switch gears and be ready for the possibility of significant fire activity."

Additional resources have been requested to increase staffing levels during the wind events.

Forest residents and visitors are asked to be vigilant when participating in any activity that could create sparks. Recreational target shooting will be temporarily prohibited beginning Friday. Campgrounds and yellow post sites are currently closed, abating the risk from campfires. 

Fire crews will return to prescribed burning when weather conditions are safe again.