Keeping The PEACE


 Captain Mitch Dattilo of the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department Big Bear Station is pleased that recent rallies, parades and political demonstrations have been peaceful.  Possibly because of the covid-19 regulations that were imposed 0n citizens throughout the country, getting out in the mountain-air and waving the U.S. Flag and encouraging others to exercise their patriotic rights and vote for candidates of their choices, is the one way to express ourselves. 

Anyone, who still may want to demonstrate publicly or celebrate in the streets, please do so in consideration of other people and their rights as well.  Please have respect for other’s businesses and homes, while having a good time.


     in The VALLEY



According to Captain Datillo, the Big Bear Sheriff Station is prepared and has additional staff to address any issue wherever in San Bernardino County the department may be dispatched. In the event that residents experience a disturbance in their neighborhood, business or residence that may require assistance by the Big Bear Sheriff Deputies, call:  

Emergency at 9-1-1

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Big Bear Station


By E T Russell 11-2020