Congressman Jay Obernolte


Wednesday January 13, 2021__ Washington D.C. __   

United States Representative Jay Obernolte (R- Hesperia) released the following statement on Wednesday’s impeachment vote in the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Our nation is by the people and for the people, but it can only stand so long as we stand together. The people who ransacked our nation’s Capitol must be found, arrested, prosecuted and convicted, as is appropriate in a nation which honors the rule of law. But to those claiming that invoking the 25th amendment or impeaching the President is the first step in healing our nation: it is not. 

Whichever presidential candidate one voted for, we all must accept the reality that nearly half of the country voted for their opponent. Conducting an impeachment trial against a President who will leave office in a matter of days and long before the Senate trial is completed, will only divide our nation further.  

 The Impeachment Vote


“Next week Joe Biden will become the President of the United States. I plan to attend his inauguration and look forward to finding common ground with him to work together on behalf of the American people.

We now have a simple but fundamental decision to make: will we continue down the path of hate and division, or will we seek a different path to move forward together? I am choosing the latter, and I implore my colleagues, my constituents, and our nation to join me on that path for the sake of our Republic.”