Hazard Abatement & Egress
Improvement Project  

San Bernardino County Fire Protection District


February 14, 2020___

The San Bernardino County Fire Protection District (SBCoFD), in cooperation with San Bernardino County Land Use Services (LUS), is working to improve evacuation efficiency in the mountain communities through the County Fire Hazard Abatement and Mountain Egress Project

San Bernardino County Fire Protection District hand crews have started work clearing flammable vegetation along essential evacuation routes during an emergency. The San Bernardino County mountain communities are home to thousands of people over approximately 450 miles of road.  

This community risk reduction project will increase the ability of mountain residents to safely evacuate during an emergency, aid in reducing delays for first responders, and improve first responder safety when responding to emergencies. The project goal is to address all roadways that present a threat to safe evacuations. 

SBCoFD Hand Crews have a mitigated total of 165 parcels in Forest Falls, Deer Lodge Park, and Cedar Glen, with the majority of the parcels located in Cedarpines Park, near Crestline. Crews cleared brush around evacuation routes leaving chipped material at least 10 feet away from roadsides and identified parcels. These initial parcels were part of a feasibility study to determine the effectiveness of the prescribed egress enhancement which concluded that the project will continue to move forward in other mountain areas.

“I’m very proud of the cooperation our department has shown with our partners at Land Use Services and the residents of our mountain communities,” stated San Bernardino County Fire Chief Dan Munsey.”  

“Our Old Cajon hand crew has done a tremendous job of improving the ability of our mountain residents to safely evacuate during an emergency. We will continue to identify and address threats to our evacuation routes as a part of our ongoing community risk reduction efforts.” 

As crews continue their work in the mountain communities, periodic road closures may be required. Residents should use caution when driving near crews working to clear these areas. Watch for road closure signs and use alternate routes whenever possible. 


San Bernardino County Fire Protection District encourages residents to maintain defensible space. Clear weeds and dry grass at least 100 feet around properties. Keep propane tanks clear of vegetation. Store combustibles like firewood away from structures. And remove all branches, tree limbs or vegetation that overhang the roof. Most importantly, develop and practice a personal home escape plan with all family members.

Develop a Ready! Set! Go! Wildfire Action Plan

More important wildfire safety tips at: https://sbcfire.org/Programs/ReadySetGoFire.aspx