Closed Saturday, January 15th

 Trash Cleanup at Bee Canyon



San Bernardino, CA ___ Forest Road #5-S07, known as Bee Canyon (OHV) Road, will be closed Saturday, January 15, for a volunteer cleanup event. Large amounts of trash and litter, largely leftover from target shooting activities, will be addressed. Areas in Bautista Canyon where illegal dumping has occurred will also be worked on, but there will be no closures.

"We want visitors to take care of the National Forest by removing their spent cartridges and targets after shooting," said Forest Service Patrol Captain Sonny St. John. "This not only helps keep these areas beautiful, it helps keep the areas open to the activity when not in fire restrictions."

Failing to remove trash can result in monetary citations or a mandatory appearance in federal court. 

Saturday’s event is organized in conjunction with the Southern California Mountains Foundation. Groups participating will be California Conservation Corp, CALGUNS, Hemet Jeep Club, Project Heal the Land, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and individual community volunteers.