…wants the residents of the Big Bear Valley to be prepared when at any moment 

a medical crisis occurs and a 9-1-1 Call is made, that the possibility of 

Ground or Air Transportation would be needed.




Mercy Air Crew keeps the Air Ship ready to respond to the next 9-1-1 


On Valentine’s Day 2018, the Big Bear Fire Department and Mercy Air, a division of Air Methods, announced an innovative public/private partnership that brought a medical Air Ship to provide critical patient care services and emergency air transportation to Big Bear Valley. This reporter refers our viewers/readers to: for the full story.

The up-to-date, important story that I’m aware of, is either when listening to scanners, computer announcing 9-1-1 dispatches, or when I’m at local agencies board of directors meetings, or general visiting while with residents while shopping in Big Bear Valley is, ‘we couldn’t have had the privilege of Mercy Air emergency transport any too soon.’  From the February 2018 introduction until now, February 2019, lives have been saved.    


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Big Bear Fire Chief Jeff Willis asks Big Bear Valley Residents to Plan and Prepare, Now!

As with many other services and projects that have been incorporated in these mountain communities, there’s a price on progress! Over approximately ten years and key intelligent principals with a lot of strategy of how to offer an advanced but very necessary service to the residents of Big Bear Valley, came together a year ago.  The Air Ship service to provide critical patient care services and emergency air transportation

To help support the emergency service with Big Bear Fire Department and Mercy Air, and make it affordable and available to all, there is a way for everyone to participate.  A Ground/Air Membership program is offered to everyone, by signing up for the coverage, at a reasonable cost to individuals or families.  The Big Bear Fire Department will answer your questions and enlist you in the program.  Contact the fire Department at 909-866-7566. 


By E T Russell, 022219

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