‚Äč  Bus Overturns  

With Injuries No Fatalities



 Photo Courtesy of Tod Sudmeier (EPN564) 


Sunday May 22, 2016____  California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Juan Quintero reported to Big Bear Lake NewsRoom Editor E T Russell, that there were several injured with four being major injured, of which  were immediately taken to hospitals. There were no life-threatening  injuries. 

Caltrans immediately called for a full closure of traffic traveling to, or from the Big Bear Lake communities. Soon after was determined that a 'hard closure' was necessary. The hard closure lasted for several hours after the accident, allowing for a thorough investigation as well as clearing of the wreckage. Alternate routes were suggested to the detour. State Route 38 through Redlands and State Route 18 into Victorville were open to traffic. 


SUN MAY 22 6:41 P.M. 


California Highway Patrol, Running, California ____ Sunday May 22, 2016, at approximately 2:11 P.M., CHP officers responded to the scene of a traffic collision on State Route-330, north of Highland Avenue. 

Teresa Benitez (Person -1), a 49 year old resident of Paramount California, was driving a White 2000 El Dorado Bus (Vehicle -1), southbound on State Route -330. 

Christopher Duce (Person -2), a 30 year old resident of Los Angeles, California, was driving a White Nissan Versa (Vehicle -2) southbound on SR-330. 

For an unknown reason, P-1 allowed the front of V-1 to collide with the rear of V-2 and consequently lost control of V-1.  V-1 then overturned and came to rest, blocking both directions of SR-330. 

There were a total of 22 passengers in V-1 and one passenger in V-2.  There were no injuries claimed by P-2 or his passenger.  Three were four passengers out of V-1 that claimed major injuries, but none were life threatening. 

A total of 21 passengers out of V-1 were transported via ambulance to St. Bernardines Hospital and Arrowhead Regional Hospital.  The cause of the collision is still under investigation. CHP Officer Edward McGrath, ID 20822, is handling the investigation.