The Way It Was * The Way It Is 

Big Bear Valley Historical Society



Constable Coy Brown served Big Bear Valley for more than of a quarter century.

Both Coy Brown and Judge Jack Matthews were a tall 6'6” inches,

therefore earning the title ‘13 Feet of Law’, when seen together!  Courtesy of BBVHS


E T Russell ____ 

Thursday, February 12th, the Big Bear Valley Historical Society will meet at the Big Bear Discovery Center. A brief business meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M.

 BBVHS 1st Vice-President Jim Weyant, will present the program. He will continue with the January topic, Part II - The History and Development of Criminal Law.  Weyant will emphasize the various forms and degrees of theft, from English Common Law to present day California statutes.  

Guests are welcome at the BBVHS meetings and are encouraged to attend and learn more about this dynamic and interesting organization committed to preserving the history of Big Bear Valley. The Big Bear Discovery Center located at 40971 North Shore Drive. 

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