Congressman Cook Issues

Secretary Carter's Response


Washington D.C. ____ Representative Paul Cook (R- Apple Valley) issued the following statement Wednesday October 26, 2016, in response to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s announcement that the Pentagon would suspend collections from California National Guard Members who received improper reenlistment bonuses:

“As I stated from the beginning of this controversy, Secretary Carter has long had the authority to suspend collection of these reenlistment bonuses, so I’m pleased he’s heeded my call to use that authority and stop taking money from our Veterans. But there’s more work to be done, as this is only a suspension of collection, not a permanent solution. I agree with Secretary Carter that we must resolve this in a way that puts as little burden as possible on service members.

These men and women answered our country’s call and defended the nation in a time of war. They should be praised, not punished.”



 Ashton Baldwin "Ash" Carter is the United States Secretary of Defense. Carter is also a physicist and a former Harvard University professor of Science and International Affairs.