Lake Arrowhead Multi-level Home

Heavily Damaged By Fire  


April 15, 2020 ____ Tuesday morning at 11:34 A.M. San Bernardino County Fire Crews were dispatched to a reported residential fire in the 27000 block of Alpen Drive in Lake Arrowhead.

ME92, already in the area from an additional fire call, arrived within (3) minutes of dispatch to find smoke and fire showing from the front of a multi-story home. Fire Crews initiated a transitional attack, limiting the fire’s spread and protecting the nearby exposures.      

Once crews transitioned inside to extinguish the remainder of the fire and complete a search, a #SBCoFD Firefighter fell through a compromised section of floor to the basement area below. A second #SBCoFD Firefighter nearby also partially fell through but was able to self-rescue.       

Thankfully both the firefighters quickly self-extricated and were treated by an awaiting #SBCoFD ambulance. Quickly after the fall was reported, the incident commander confirmed that all members were accounted for and ensured the area was flagged off. Ultimately the fire was declared out in approximately 50 minutes. All searches of the home came up negative. 

Both injured firefighters received minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Thankfully both injuries were minor in nature and both have been released.   

A San Bernardino County Fire Investigator was requested to determine cause and origin. No damage estimates were available at the time of the release, but the home received heavy damage. One occupant of the home was displaced by the fire.  

San Bernardino County Fire responded with (4) Engines, a Medic Ambulance, (2) Chief Officers, Training Officer and a Fire Investigator. Running Springs FD, Cal-Fire & USFS also assisted due to the fire’s threat to nearby vegetation.