‘THE’ Hospital

Bear Valley Community Healthcare District


____ E T Russell    The public is invited to join the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (BVCHD), ‘the’ hospital that services the mountain community. Saturday afternoon, August 2nd beginning at 2:00 P.M., a ceremony of the hospital’s officials and civic leaders will relate the establishment of the healthcare facility and its service throughout the past forty years. The outdoor event will take place in the west parking lot near the recently built Brenda Boss Family Resource Center.


Several speakers will share the Bear Valley Community Hospital’s history as well as updates of its expansion that it has gone through to meet numerous periods of growth in the community and the influx of modern technology.

Dr. Peter Boss will relate one of the hospital’s founders Brenda Boss, his mother’s story. The recently constructed Brenda Boss Family Resource Center that bares her name houses services such as the Moms & Dads Project.  


Many residents value the importance of having the medical center with its emergency care that has been credited for saving unlimited lives. The same is true with winter-season valley visitors. For years the winter sports resorts have depended on the advantage of the close location and insist that it is extremely necessary for emergency care of injuries.

The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment that includes comprehensive diagnostic imaging, quad detector, CT scanning, ultrasound, digital x-ray, and mammography examining.  

Bear Valley Community Healthcare District has a variety of special services: 24-hour emergency care, acute respiratory care, in-patient medical care, both in and out-patient surgery, laboratory, a radiology and laboratory department, skilled nursing facility, physical therapy, acute respiratory care, in-patient medical care, both in and out-patient surgery and other medical services.

The Skilled Nursing unit has began twenty-five years ago and has continually had a waiting-list, that currently cares for twenty-one long term patients, rather residents. The Valley's medical center is a general medical and surgical hospital with thirty beds available for short term patients. 

 The excellent professional nursing and trained staff along with the medical physicians, team together to meet all urgent needs as successful as possible.   Including both part-time and full-time employees, BVCHD is the largest employer in the Big Bear Valley, of more than 200. Presently, there are approximately twenty professional health-care providers.


The Heart Lights of Big Bear Lake will entertain with their favored live-music while guests enjoy the refreshments and tours of the facilities.  Join the community for a festive Saturday afternoon and celebrate this exciting milestone in the on-going story of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (BVCHD).   

See the Calendar of Events http://www.bigbearlake.net/events/BVCHD-Celebrating-40-Years.  


Ground breaking 1973

  Dea Flaus, Fred Flaus, Robert McDonald (Bank of California manager), Brenda Boss with $500,000 check.

First Board of Directors May 1971 Virginia Hendricks, Brenda Boss, Robert McDonald, Ed Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Flaus presenting $350,000 donation


1973 Construction of hospital building.


Candy Stripers

Boy Scout Troop #82, January 1974