Internet People !!


A new and common attempt to get users to download and install a virus has been going around lately. The hackers send an email that looks like it comes from Microsoft Office 365. 

It is a request for you to “review” a contract or other work related documents.  You then click on the link in the email and it downloads a virus that is so malicious even anti-virus software cannot stop it. 

It also allows them to capture your email credentials and send out viruses to others in your contact list from your email address.  In both cases victims have had to backup their data and completely reset their computer to factory defaults.  Causing significant loss of time and money.

Below is an image of such a “trick” email.  If you receive anything similar please do not open it.  Reach out to the person who sent it via telephone and make sure they truly intended to send you the document.  If they have been infected their email may already be compromised and so responding to them via that medium is not sufficient. 

Remember, the best defense you have against Malware is your own diligence.  If you’re ever unsure if something is safe, don’t chance it!