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Prop. 13 protects property owners from out-of-control property tax bills, but some in Sacramento want to eliminate those protections for businesses.  

Creating a split roll system that taxes commercial property differently will hurt hardworking Californians, not help. Weakening, Prop. 13 will hit small businesses with higher taxes whenever property values increase.   

Large corporations will be able to handle the higher tax bills, but split roll will force struggling mom-and-pop shops to close their doors.   

Split roll will hurt small, local businesses and put more middle class Californians out of work.  


It’s an honor to represent you.

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte

33rd Assembly District


Meet Jay

Jay Obernolte has represented California’s 33rd Assembly District since 2014. Before joining the Assembly, he served as the Mayor of Big Bear Lake for four years and on the Board of Directors for the Big Bear City Airport. Jay is an entrepreneur, founding his own video game company in 1988. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and applied science from the California Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from UCLA. Jay and his wife Heather live in Big Bear Lake with their two children, Hale and Troy.


Assemblyman Obernolte serves on the following committees: 

 Budget, Vice Chair

Communications and Conveyance, Vice Chair 


Business and Professions



Budget Subcommittee 1, Health and Human Services, Alternate 

Budget Subcommittee 2, Education Finance, Alternate 

Budget Subcommittee 3, Resources and Transportation, Alternate 

Budget Subcommittee 4, State Administration, Alternate

Budget Subcommittee 5, Public Safety, Alternate 

Budget Subcommittee 6, Budget Process Oversight and Program Evaluation    

“Connect with me on social media to learn more about what’s happening in Sacramento and in the District.” invites Jay.