Battles High Winds During Rescue 


Sheriff AR306rescue 032019. jpg.JPG


Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the crew of San Bernardino County Sheriff -40King3 was dispatched to the area of Mt. Baldy to assist San Bernardino County Fire Crew, with the report of a cross-country snow skier who fell and was rendered unconscious.  Initially, while trying to locate the skier, the crew of 40King 3 experienced high winds and low clouds in the area. 

Determined to locate the injured skier, the Crew made a final attempt to access the area, this time approaching from the south side of Mt. Baldy.  During a break in the weather, the Crew located the skier and called for assistance from Air Rescue 306 (AR306) to perform a hoist rescue of the victim.

Air Rescue 306 responded to the area and was guided to the location of the victim by Air Rescue 306.

FIRE SB Co.jpg   Once on-scene, San Bernardino County Firefighter Sherwin was lowered to the victim to assess her injuries.  Once stabilized, the victim was placed into a rescue harness, hoisted into, and transported to an awaiting ambulance. 

Sheriff McMahon logo.jpg  While performing the hoist, the crew of AR306 battled darkness, extremely high winds and the threat of incoming cloud coverage.  The hoist was performed while using Night Vision Goggles.