40 King-3 & Air Rescue-306 Helis Teams-up

Scott Rock Climbing Trail


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San Bernardino County Sheriff Aviation Unit responded to an emergency call Sunday morning, September 29th, of an injured rock climber.  In the area of Scott Rock Parker Rechsteiner and a hiker-friend were going to attempt a climb of the large rock formation.  Prior to starting his climb, Parker slipped and fell approximately 100 feet, dislocating his left shoulder.  Parker’s friend immediately called 9-1-1  for help. 


San Bernardino County Sheriff helicopters, 40King3 and Air Rescue 306, responded to the GPS coordinates given by the caller to locate the area where the injured hiker would be found.   After the quick search, both hikers were located sitting at the bottom of the face of Scott Rock.  


A Emergency Operations Division- Aviation Rescue Medic was hoisted down to Parker’s location. The Air Rescue 306 Crew were in communication with the Rescue Medic, while she assessed climber’s injuries. Parker was placed in a rescue harness and hoisted into the helicopter. Parker was transported to Mountains Community Hospital and released to medical personnel. 




San Bernardino County Sheriff Department reminds the public about the dangers of

hiking & climbing in the local mountains and desert. Without proper experience

and preparation, this type of activity can lead to serious injury or death.


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