Mountain Road Challenges 

Rock Splitting & Clearing the Way 



February 4, 2017

Work with Caltrans Crews continues to be present on the San Bernardino Mountains roads, especially during Winter months. Their road repairing work seems to be non-stop with incidents happening almost on a regular basis.  

Terri Kasinga Caltrans District 8 Chief, Public and Media Affairs, consistently keeps Big Bear Lake NewsRoom, aware of road conditions, weather related issues and emergency alerts on State Routes 18, 330, 38, 74, 60, 138 and 243, as well as Southern California Interstate highways, that motorists may want to be aware of their current conditions.    

Kasinga reported this week a road incident State Route-243 between State Route-74 and Interstate-10 Caltrans Crews were dispatched to split and remove fallen rocks from near the roadway.  This large boulder was near post mile-marker #24, the Mount Edna area.   

All motorists in traffic in SoCal need to be prepared at all times. Program cell phones:

Road Information - Area Maps - Caltrans District Eight (San Bernardino/Riverside)

Before driving, check with the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) 800.427.7623

California Transportation Department

Caltrans Mission: Provide a safe, sustainable, integrated, and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability.

Caltrans Vision: A performance-driven, transparent, and accountable organization that values its people, resources and partners, and meets new challenges through leadership, innovation, and teamwork.



By Editor E T Russell